I recently Nominated my Red Microwave as one of the hottest item at my kitchen. The reasons: my eyes are easy to find it since the color distinct itself from other kitchen tools; always give the warm vibes everytime I look at it; "So Cute!!" is the phrase used by most visitors of my kitchen to refer the Red Microwave.

I am interested in red color since my childhood; this might be one of the reasons that I like the red microwave, however, I believe that one reason is not enough to convince you guys to love or buy one.

so I have been doing some researches about the red color, and there are some Guys from color psychology said that red Associated with the following : 

energy, war, danger, strength, power, the determination as well as passion, desire, and love.
Red also Enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.
It attracts attention more than any other color, at times signifying danger.

Ok, we don't want war, danger, or the raised blood pressure let's put them aside. ( from all those three only raised blood pressure can happen in the kitchen, and the war at the kitchen is a safe war...sometimes happen between spouses. )

But, most of us honor the good side like determination, passion, the love, and the attention-grabbing features and those are enough reason.

And the explanation about the microwave? You can find it more on our ultimate guide about it.

Now I have these 10 Red microwaves that you can consider to own.

The Red Microwaves

Our Editor's Rating 5/5

Our editor's research pick this medium powered, medium sized red microwave oven as our favorite.

Not only because of the modern look and the digital display but also it has every feature that a good microwave should have, up to 10 power levels from 10% to 100%,
six one-touch cooking functions for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage or a dinner plate; this feature will save you time on guesswork, a warm meal only one button away.

Defrosting with microwave always been an art of time guessing, not with this one, you can choose to defrost by weight, so just measure the weight and hit the button, that's it.

The Reasons To Buy

  • A Quiet Microwave ( the problem with most microwave, they are noisy. Not this one) 
  • Right Size ( 1,1 Cubic Feet) at Right Fire Power (1000 Watt)
  • Full Features, you can do cook and defrost just fine, and avoid most guesswork
  • Want the right red microwave oven without thinking too much
  • Good Grip, less slip
  • A small family will not go wrong this one; it has the child lock.

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • If you live in the small apartment or a college dorm, this might not be your best option, even though 1.1 Cubic feet fall into the medium-sized microwave range, it is still big for the small room. 
  • If you have electricity problem or the electricity bill worries you, since 1000 Watt is quite big, it is not convenient to have some of your electronic tools turn off while using this one. 

Our Editor's Rating 4.3 / 5

Ok, this one not all red, it has chrome handgrip and looked very beautiful, by watt and by size this can be considered into Medium Microwave,
armed with six touch cooking programs from popcorn to Pizza and ability to automatic defrost by weight or time, this one has all you need for a microwave.

The Reasons To Buy

  • A beautiful red microwave oven
  • Perfect for a single that need a medium power microwave
  • If you are looking for something between small and medium
  • All the Important Microwave function is there
  • Main reason to buy only to reheat or Defrost 

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • Not having enough Firepower ( usually for family of 3 or more )
  • If you plan to use this mainly to cook, this one not suited for you
  • Combination of Red and Chrome color make you sick
    ( some reported to has this issue )

Our Editor's Rating 4.9 / 5

Ok, this is our first true small red microwave on this list,
although the pure red not true since it still has chrome colored components, like the grips and the knobs.

then, what so retro about this Red Microwave? Well, you get the retro look for first, and then although there is this modern display, you will get all the knobs. The small size sacrificed some functions like it has only four auto cook option, only five power levels.

The Reasons To Buy

  • You love Red Cute Things
  • Single or living with less than three people
  • Perfect for small apartments, small kitchens, and dorm room
  • You prefer knobs over dial button
  • It will make a very good gift since this red microwave both useful and cute
  • you only use this mainly to reheat and defrost

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • this little microwave sacrifices many functions
  • you need more power option and auto cook option
  • you don't like the retro looks
  • you have a family of 3 or more people

Our Editor's Rating 4.7 / 5

This Small red microwave oven really lives to its name;
it gives the Nostalgic vibe.

Ok, what our editor's like the most, even though the firepower and size are Limited, it still has 12 pre-programmed settings, Good LED display, and it has the Rotating glass carousel so the cook will evenly cook.

The Reasons To Buy

  • Rotating Glass Carousel to cook food evenly ( not many small microwaves have this )
  • 11-inch Dishes fit in
  • you have a small counter
  • you have a small kitchen or not much room to spare, perfect for the dorm room
  • you want a small red microwave that works fine. 

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • you need a more powerful microwave
  • you need a larger microwave

Our Editor's Rating 4 / 5

The picture tells us that the red color only happens on the upper front and bottom front, the rest is black, not exactly a pure red microwave, however for people that love red and black, this one can be a good alternative since the colors blend nicely.

this one can be considered as medium-sized red microwave, with Ten microwave power levels, 1-touch cooking features: popcorn, potato, reheat, frozen dinner, beverage and pizza; and a child safety lock, these will be enough to run every reheat and defrost processes for your family.

The Reasons To Buy

  • searching for a microwave that blends red and black color
  • mostly for reheat and defrost
  • run a small family below five members
  • want a medium-sized that cheap and work well

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • you want a pure red microwave (or at least red dominance)
  • family with more than five members

Our Editor's Rating 4.7 / 5

Best red microwave for seniors.

Another one from Nostalgia, this one also looks retro; the microwave window has an oval shape, make it looks unique than the rest, also appear very cute; it is bigger than the previous Nostalgia Microwave on our list.

The knob is very good addition the microwave, if you want to heat for thirty seconds, just rotate the dial three click and press it. If you want to heat something for more than one minute, you just need to hit the knob and spin it till you get the time you want.
Overspun? Rotate it counter-clockwise till you get it right.

You see, that workflow involves less time than using the buttons.

The Reasons To Buy

  • A perfect gift for Elderly People
  • Like to use the Knob instead of Dial Button
  • Want a unique oval-shaped microwave window ( will be a great addition to your kitchen )
  • want a medium-sized that cheap and work well

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • Prefer buttons over knob
  • want more powerful and bigger microwave. 

Our Editor's Rating 4.7 / 5

This medium-sized red microwave  by Kenmore has enough firepower and cooked evenly. The general microwave's features also present,
so this one will be a good choice for they who look for the medium red microwave oven ( not many at this size )

The Reasons To Buy

  • want a microwave oven with good firepower
  • it cooks evenly

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • small kitchen or small apartments

Our Editor's Rating 4.5 / 5

The only problem with this red microwave oven, it doesn't have an English owner's manual ( yeah you will struggling for a bit at first )

However, don't let keep you from having this one, this is full-fledged red microwave with medium-sized capacity and good firepower, the results are fine.

The Reasons To Buy

  • It gets the job done ( that's what matters right?)
  • Almost Pure red ( the hand grip also red, except for the buttons)

The Reasons Not To Buy

  • If the owner's manual in English language so important for you


Red microwave will be a great addition to any kitchen because of the cuteness and distinctive nature. 
Upon coming down here and you still not sure which microwave oven to purchase, our editor encourage you to take the Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKN, since you will not go wrong with this one. 

for small red microwave oven, you can take the Nostalgia RMO770RED Retro, even though small, it is not sacrificing many Important functions.

If you want something  balance and medium-sized, then this Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro will suite you well. 

and if you want to know more about Microwave, you should check our ultimate microwave guide, you will know the do's and don'ts with microwave, and the guide also teach you how to choose the right one.