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Deciding the right Kitchen Stuff is hard!
We are on a mission to make that easy!

Frequently people just go to department ​store, only with an idea of purchasing the "Type" of Kitchen appliances or tools, which they are not even clear about ("let's buy on the shop officer recommendation", they thought.) 

Only to Regret latter, " Ow....the wattage to big for my home electricity";  "ow gosh, this expansive one can't go trough the door"; "Ow if only I buy the one with Child lock";  "my Grandmother can't see the LCD display clearly, if only I bought the analog one"...and much more...  

with our quality reviews, information and tips here, you will avoid those regrets. 
We are on a mission to save you from headaches! on deciding everything kitchen.  

Is the more expansive one better than the cheaper one? ( usually it is ), but is there a scenario where cheaper one is better than the more expansive one? ( you bet, there are and frequently happens).

"The Right" on our dictionary is when a tool can give a person from certain group the most value/benefit, with the lowest possible rate to achieve that. (e.g what best for a single woman might not be for a mom family of five, in contrast) 
Yes we help you save the money, with the suggestion on the right purchase!

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